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Thanks guys. Some days it doesn't feel like I know what to do next or what I'm doing. The encouragement is appreciated.
Ricky, I credit automation and stuff like the fabric. I spent almost 0 hours weeding or hand watering.
I get home from work and out to the field by 5 every night and usually work until 730-8, except Tuesday and Thursdays (Little league games with my son) and Sunday. I'm off every other Friday and always Saturday, and typically work on something from 630 am till the evening on those days.
Some things get left undone, and the timing is never exactly what I want on some time-sensitive tasks, but everything has been coming together this year OK.
I am gonna put up my two caterpillar tunnels this Friday and Saturday, and then I need to take the rest of June and get my 30'x72' new tunnel built so I can have a crop of tomatoes in it by July for late summer/fall harvest. Next year I am not building anything or doing more pollinator plantings which took up a lot of my time the past two springs. Oh yeah, I'll have garlic to harvest in a week or so...
My market is yet to be determined, but I'm thinking the other farms' June bearing crops will be gone by the time mine kick in, so there will be no local berries to compete with. I am gonna try and sell some to co-workers, family, church etc at $4/lb.
I also know 3-4 local produce stands that I think would buy them. I wanted to wait until I had a pound container to take and show/sample before I approached them. Not sure about pricing yet.

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