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Originally Posted by Susan66 View Post
Check with your local farm suppliers. I had to order it- they no longer stocked it at my local guy, but they were willing to get it for me. Took about a week. The manufacturer was Espoma out of Millville, NJ. 30 years ago when I lived in Missouri, I used to be able to pick it up in bulk at a warehouse that sold all sorts of different organic fertilizers in Kansas City. I haven't been able to find such a place around here. Good luck!
Garden centers didn't know what I was talking about. Once you apply it, the application is good for about 10 years.
Back in 1983 - 2006 I worked for a local feed and grain operation in western Mass. We offered a wide selection of organic products from many different companies. There were several competitors within 3-15 miles of each other. So, within a short ride you could get just about anything you wanted or they would special order it for you and you would have it in a week without an added shipping charge.

Now, just about the only products that are available in my area are Espoma. To be able to get the products I now want to use (North Country Organics) I have to drive over an hour each way and purchase a years or more supply to make it worth the trip. Or, I can pay shipping equal to a third of the price of the product from an internet site and be complicit in using massive amounts of packaging that goes against my values.

At the time I worked at that store I was in my infant stages as a gardener and too young to know how special those stores were or how much I would regret their demise later in my life.

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