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Originally Posted by oakley View Post
Found a pic of spice grinding from last year. I also keep mine in zip-locks and usually in the freezer. The big bag are a purchased blend from a Mexican market. The spice/coffee grinder is that little white tower on the right. It has a clear lid that grinds quickly once the lid is pressed down.
Not sure what i was was a cold spring. So probably a stew.
I toast the dried peppers in a dry cast iron pan on the wood stove first for about 10 min, let cool to crisp up, then take off the stems and shake out most of the seeds.
Neat pic! Thanks for sharing it.

I wonder if I wouldn't be better off trying baggies. The heat and humidity during the day and then change in temps at night, you can hear my mason jar lids popping all over the place. Somebody was kind enough to explain to me it was something to do with air pressure.
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