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Hi Annapet,

I realized that you never answered your own question! Okay, so I can be nosy too!

So... what have you planted so far? I have a lot of babies, but many not yet ready to plant out. Hopefully soon!

I purchased some starts from the Santa Clara County Master Gardeners' sale, started several plants from saved, purchased, or swapped seeds, and will be starting a few more that will include determinates for our patio.

I don't remember quite how Corte Madera's climate compares to ours here in Sunnyvale, but I'm planning on having some later season starts to fill in when some of the earlier plants peter out (somewhere in July/August).

I'll dig out my list in the next couple of days so I can let you know all of what I have. I got a few new-to-me varieties from the MGs' plant sale - Aker's West Virginia, Reif's Red Heart, and Dr. Neal; I also got some favorites of mine, including Aunt Ruby's German Green, Ananas Noire, and Paul Robeson. I have a plot in the Sunnyvale Community Garden, and I grow using concrete reinforcing mesh made into cages for my indeterminates.

Yours in 'maters,
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