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Hi, Betsy, Angelique, and Garnetmoth . Having a wonderful Sunday, I hope.

I got my "Lay Off Notice" shortly after we got this thread going and I've been kind of sad . However, I'm sure to snap out of this because no one wants to hang with mopey .

Here's what I have planted so far (and I'd love to hear your notes growing these varieties). I don't know how good I sorted these babies...feel free to correct.

(F) Flowering
(2) Quantity

Cherry Tomatoes
  • Chocolate Cherry (2)
  • Isis Candy (F)
  • Sugar Snack (F)
  • Sun Gold (F)
Black Tomatoes
  • Black (2)
  • Black Krim (F)
  • Black Prince (F)
  • Carbon
  • Japanese Black Trifele (2)
  • Purple Calabash (2)
  • Gold Dust
  • Green Zebra (F)
  • Northern Lights (F)
  • Persimmon (F)
Dark Pink/Red
  • Matina
  • Momotaro (F)
  • Two of 12 varieties I started way too early (lesson learned that it's cool for me to start seeds in April).
I have crook neck squash, zucchini, cucumber, four (4) eggplants, and herbs.

I planted them all in containers.

Going to church and I shall be back in a bit!

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