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Originally Posted by WaltRoos View Post
Thanks Carolyn,

I think my own definition of Resistant is what you are defining as Tolerant. I'm thinking that Resistant, to some folks then, must mean Immune. Which seems to be very unlikely with tomatoes.

Since most seed companies are using the term " Resistant " then we are stuck with that. But, perhaps we should have an agreed on set of standards for degree of Resistance. I see Bonnie Plants? is using the term "Super Resistant" and I sometimes see the term " Intermediate Resistant " . I think a scale of 1-10 would be helpful to those of us who care that much about such things.

OK I'm done with that I hope. But, probably not.

Good Idea to grow out both my New Early Goliath and the Old Goliath tomato seeds. Perhaps two of each ?
2017 was the first year for TSWV in my garden, so I don't know how likely it is to return in 2018. I think it will return.
Of course I know the White Flies from hell will be back.

76 and still having growing pains,


PS On the naming thing. I just don't have enough information about just how different those two seed types may be from each other, so I'll just go with Totally Tomatoes decision to keep the name Early Goliath. Except I'll add the word "New" to the name.
You are seeing how coufused the whole situation is re resistant,super resistant,immune, et..

Please consider the following.

We humans are mammals,mammals have an immune system, plants do not.

We mammals have two parts to our immune systems,antibodies, which are found in the blood and produced in the pancreas and spleen and bone marrow, and the cellular system.

First antibodies.

We have IgG, then M, then A1 and A2,then D and then E, and each has a specific roles in the body.

The cellular system is composed of well, cells and includes

Phagocytic cells, PMN's Monocytes, eosinophils, T helper and T killer cells .

In my former academic life I graduated from the University of Rochester Medical school in in Rochester,NY, and my concentration was diseases and the immune response.

And I "tried" to teach Med Students at two medical centers, first at Rochester and then at the Med School in Denver.

Mammals have immune systems,not all are like the human system, but close enough.

There are those who have suggested that spraying aspirin on plants can induce immunity,but has shown not to be true

From the top of the above page read the third link down where there is a ? next to the word immunity, I didn't read it but when I see immunity ?, I know what that means.

Summary? There will never be agreement on this issue,never, but above I've given my opinion,someone who has taught diseases and the immune response as well as grown all different kinds of plants, and of course that includes tomatoes.

I rest my case, as it were.

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