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This row cover is super light weight. I've been wanting to try wire hoops for this kind of mini cover and have read from others that "#9 wire" is the stuff to use. Is that correct? I'll have to poke around at the hardware store.

For taller plants I used to use panels of that 6"x6" mesh, 40" tall field fence bent into tunnel shape and covered with plastic for really cold weather. They were tomato cages opened up for early season protection duty.

Now I use 1/2" black irrigation pipe hoops with greenhouse clips for most everything from row cover to plastic and after having deer munch on collards, deer netting. The black pipe fits neatly into 3/4" pvc pipe pounded in along the bed sides.

Last spring I used welded wire covered with 6 mil plastic to get an early jump on peppers. They were out April 6, about three weeks earlier than normal. The protectors were set out a week in advance to warm the soil. I will do that again this year.

Finally, good old field fence and plastic helped get a real early jump on one tomato I started in December '16 just for grins and giggles. I had to tie the cage to the porch posts for stability. This was taken last February 6th, about seven weeks before I usually set out tomatoes:

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