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Originally Posted by zipcode View Post
thegarlicfarm just has the same ol french varieties renamed (plus some others of course). They are a different selection however, so there could be differences (just like there are like five+ official selections of Drome garlic, with messidor being the biggest of all).
Last year I harvested Thermidrome on 1st July, middle of Germany, I would have expected yours to be at least that, but maybe milder winters sped it up, since clove formation seems fairly good.
I grew them in 11 litre pots, 5 per pot and put them in a glasshouse on Nov 10th.
I think the glasshouse really helped them to develop faster, by the time I put them outside in April they were already very good size plants.
I expected them to finish in July because I seen a report of another grower in the UK who grew them outdoors only and they were ready 12th July.
It is good that they are finishing early, I can eat them in pasta sauces I make from the tomato`s
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