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Hey Ami and Peebee!

Living on the edge of a river must be very enjoyable as you experienced in Healdsberg. The rushing water would put you to sleep every night.
In addition to Elk and Bison hunting, this son likes the lifestyle of raising chickens for fresh eggs each day:

They even have a Peacock who is VERY territorial:

Originally Posted by peebee View Post
Is this the son who has the son that is involved in soccer? Or are they still in Europe?
I love Oregon; my son lives in Portland and I was amazed at how little traffic there is compared to what's in my city. It reminded me of CA in the early 70's, the freeway flow. I keep thinking of how nice and green everything looked during my visit. Maybe I'll end up in the PNW one day...
My older son moved his family to the Netherlands last year so that his son could one day play for the Dutch team AJAX:

He is receiving great training in their Youth Academy and making many friends:

The family really enjoys living in Haarlem:

Two sons - - Two completely different lifestyles....

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