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I've heard that corked peppers have better taste. So, I grew Farmer's Jalapeno. Mine wasn't nearly as corked as advertised (but still more corked than any other pepper I've tried) and it had quite good flavor. I think maybe it was a cross.

Other good OP ones for flavor I've tried include Randy Sine's Evil Jalapeno (when green), and Jumbo Jalapeno. None of them had much corking, although RSEJ had some this year, for the first time that I recall. Jumbo Jalapeno was kind of late, but the peppers were a fair size (perhaps not as big as you're looking for, though).

The only commercial F1 hybrid Jalapeno I've tried was Jalapeno Gigante F1 from Burpee. It didn't have a lot of flavor (kind of like the grocery store ones) and it wasn't giant, but it was prolific. The peppers were sufficiently fat to stuff. It's the fattest Jalapeno I've grown.

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