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Originally Posted by Karrr_Luda View Post
Thanks Worth! Your carrot slaw looks awesome. The one I did in the photo, pretty big jar, tasted great but went bad quickly in the fridge, we got to eat 3/4 the rest went to compost pile. That is sad. Smaller amounts that you can eat within two weeks or so are good for carrot - my experience. Whatever amount you did, looks right. Maybe i didn't have enough liquid covering it in the fridge...don't know what went wrong. Now I need to make carrot slaw too, maybe mix some parsnip with it.
I wonder if the temperature is wrong or something like not being fermented long enough.
People dont do it but it should last even on the counter for a long time.
I made some pickles that smelled like lacquer thinner and tossed them.
Happy Fermenting.
I Texas.
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