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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
I was worried about having to add water I didn't want to.
Somehow I felt it would dilute the good organisms.
I only wanted to use the water the cabbage had in it so I took my time to let the water come out.

The handles are where you want to stop at and it dawned on me why when I went to put the weights in.
If you over fill you cant get the weights in because you have to go longways first and then flatten them out.

You are right, cabage juice and water give you very different results. But you have enough liquid, everything covered so no need adding water. It looks beautiful!

My grandmother made this kraut and bean soup with sour cream and she used a different technique to ferment cabage for the soup specifically. She just used salty brine, or sometimes a piece of sourdough bread on top to make it. Fermented it for a week. The result is very different tasting cabage, but perfect for this soup. She removed bread, cooked all of it with the liquid, adding water if too sour, adding beans and cooking some more, then adding sour cream(mixed with the broth from the soup to make it more liquid, possibly adding a spoonfull of flour to the sour cream - not nessessary) stirred, slow boiled for a minute or two. All done, my fave soup from childhood, I make it once in a blue... Called "Habart káposzta leves" in Hungarian.
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