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I just have not been on the computer. My surgery lasted about an hour on Thursday. I was in the operating room recovery for an hour and then back in the other room for an hour. They would let me go home if I could urinate. I couldn't so they put a catheter in and had me spend the night. Doctor came back in to see me the next morning and said I could go home. Leave the catheter in until I see him on Tuesday of this next week and he will remove it. I went back on my blood thinner on Friday!!
I am sore and walk in a bent position to avoid pain. I have difficult getting up from lying flat on my back so am sleeping in my recliner. I am able to get out of it with out help. I am not eating much at a time but am getting enough I am sure.

Folks who I have talked with who had similar surgery indicate it just takes time for the pain to go away.

Thanks for all the concerns and good wishes!

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