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Thought I would post these pics here as well as at Tom's site.

Here is a photo of the varieties Tom sent me this year. The link is to a large version of the photo in case someone wants to see the details. I put in a French Fingerling and La Ratte for comparison. I forgot to label the Skagit Valley Gold right side and second from the top. The one labeled ?Magic Dragon? is actually Golfing Magic. The biggest spuds in the group are Chellan!

And here is a pic of the TPS seedlings I am about to plant. There are 6 trays with 48 plants per but roughly 10% are still too small to go into the garden. The Azul Toro seedlings are in the right center of the pic, there are 19 seedlings of which 5 have heavy anthocyanin. I also have 5 more trays of seedlings still in the greenhouse that also need another week or two to grow. Also a link to the large version of this photo.

Here is the list as planted in the garden. This list goes from West to East

15 - Commercial Red
15 - La Ratte
8 - Muru
2 - Handel
5 - Boyde
2 - Golfing Magic
3 - Howie Mandel
4 - Magic Colors
2 - Deep Blush
9 - Skagit Valley Gold
8 - River Bend REd
5 - Rosaro
3 - Yungay
4 - Bolivian Tree Top
4 - Black Tom
3 - Harry Kaighin
3 - C97.007
6 - Black Irish

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