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I called SSE today,called the general number and a robot lady went so fast no one could write down anything, so I just waited and was then turned over to Customer Service,which was good.

She told me that in the Fall Heritage magazine if you wanted a yearbook you had to contact them to let them know, I hadn't seen that.

Is that one way of thinning the herd so that SSE makes more money saving on shipping costs? And I ask since when I joined SSE in 1989 I paid for a Lifetime membership so I wouldn't have to pay the annual fee and always get what they sent out and at that time it was just the 4 Heritage magazines. No e-mails as they do now, but yes,still the annual public catalog for anyone,SSE member or not/.

She confirmed all that I said and said they would send one out to me and it would probably arrive next week. Then I get an e-mail with an invoice, but thank heavens I owed nothing.

One of the main reasons I wanted it is b/c I'm still working on the seed offer and need to know the basic traits of each variety,especially for the seeds produced by my seed producers this past summer since so many of them are new ones such that one couldn't just go to Tania's website or Google them to find out more,no way. But my SSE listed members who are also seed producers were listing them in the Yearbook withwhat I wanted to know.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it and to say I was upset would be an understatement.

I wonder if there are others who didn't get theirs for the same reason since that would impact not just the listed members in the US but those who are listed members from other countries as well.

Carolyn, where a heavy snow squall just came through, temps down to 3F tonight, same for tomorrow and then back up again. The buds are out on lilacs,so no lilacs this year, buds out on apple trees,gone,RIP and where I live it's big time orchard country.
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