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I eat this one a lot when tomatoes are in season, and I mean a lot...

Cook your pasta ( I use fettuccine or linguine)
while it is cooking prepare goat cheese-Chevre-which is a soft cheese normally in a log shape. The texture is rather like cream cheese but slightly firmer. Anyway, cut a round of Chevre for each portion flatten slightly. You can use as is or coat with mixture of bread crumbs and fresh cracked pepper.
5 minutes or so before the pasta is ready fry the Chevre med/high heat, in a little olive or corn oil, I prefer olive, a couple of minutes per side. This makes a delicious crust
When pasta is ready, add to bowls or plate along with fried cheese, chopped fresh tomato and roughly chopped or torn fresh basil leaves. Tomato and basil amounts up to you but I use about 1/2 a medium size tomato and about 4 basil leaves per portion. Top with a little flavorful olive oil and salt and pepper. Toss all together...enjoy.
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