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Originally Posted by Tropicalgrower View Post
I found some of those on Ebay,drew.I wonder if it is the same vendor that you got yours from?

The price is not exorbitant either.I always wonder tho,if these other purples that are for sale,are just Purple de Milpa renamed,as I doubt that Tomatillos are native to Croatia. I know you said they look different than the other pics you have seen..but still...I wonder.
That is an excellent point, I met the vendor through the forums, I don't remember which one? I'm not in contact with him anymore either. He could sell on EBay? I sell on Ebay! (not seed, well I might, I'm selling compact discs right now) He never claimed they were from Croatia, actually said they are Russian.
He also sold tomato seeds, some were from here. Some were from Russia and Korea even. I wanted pepper seeds from him. I had a hard time locating some seeds, and he had them. I'm growing one out this year. He also had a Russian sweet pepper I wanted to try. Many of the tomatoes and peppers from Siberia work well here in Michigan!

I'll let you know how they do. So far it is a very impressive plant. Outgrowing by double most of my tomato plants. I'll post photos of fruit here, when ripe.

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