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Our home is near the top of a hill the original settlers called Whippoorwill hill because it is heavily wooded and unlike the surrounding area, was never farmed because it is rocky. Over the years, I've found many broken parts from antique farm implements. The hill was so rocky when we moved in, I spent the first spring picking up rocks from 1/4 lb. to 300 lbs. in size to prevent breaking my zero turn mower. I keep about three acres mowed and the remaining area is wooded. I must pick up rocks every spring. They seem to work up from below the soil during the winter and lie exposed to my mower in the spring. Some of the rocks are so large, I dig them up with a pick and pry bar and move them with a tractor and front end loader. My mower has hit what I thought were small rocks which appeared during the winter and found the small rock to be the newly exposed part of a giant rock which required almost a full day to dig out.
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