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Last year, I grew Maglia Rosa and Pink Tiger. I found that the Pink Tiger plant was bigger, but I grew it in the garden in a tomato cage where it did very well. I didn't like the flavor as much as Maglia Rosa (which I grew in a 3 gallon container), although I'd say that production was about the same, considering the different sizes.

If you've ever tried Blush, the flavor of of MR is similar. Sweet, complex, tropical and better than that of a regular cherry tomato.

Maglia Rosa never splits for me, and I know that Fred says to eat them before they are fully ripe, and I do (especially at the beginning of the season), but I like everything REALLY ripe and MR is no exception. To me it tastes great at all stages of ripeness, but is best when really ripe.

Please grow it this year Greatgardens. I don't think you will be disappointed. For me, it was the best tasting tomato of the 20+ varieties (large and small) that I grew last year .

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