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I like the flavor of Maglia Rosa over Pink Tiger (which is a larger plant).

If you need a larger plant, I think Pink Bumblebee flavor is also superior to Pink Tiger and Pink Bumblebee plants are also typically more vigorous and disease resistant.

The other thing worth mentioning is that when grown in a large tomato field, Maglia Rosa has at times been a disease magnet (because of it's dense, low-growing nature). However, when grown as the tomato row, as one crop in a diversity of crops, it tends to have far fewer disease issues. This first became apparent to us when Seeds of Change dropped Maglia Rosa, and a few frantic small growers contacted me saying that they "had" to have seed. No one else was selling it at the time, and we were not growing it because we had moved on...

But things are cyclical and now it is the top selling variety at our website.
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