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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
For people on a budget or folks that just want to know or save money there are some options out there that aren't very well advertised.

Lets start with mineral oil.
What is mineral oil yes it is me again talking about the stuff and how much I use it.
Go to wall-mart tractor supply or any oil distributor and get hydraulic oil.
NOT Hydraulic transmission oil.
Look for an ISO rating like ISO 32 ISO 46 or ISO 68.
The higher the number the thicker it is.
What is it?
Mineral oil, the same stuff used to preserve cutting boards to hone knives with and so on.
Is it food grade no but I can guarantee you it is safe and has little to no taste.
You can get 5 gallons of the stuff at tractor supply for around $30 some odd dollars.
At the same place a gallon is $20 some odd dollars.
Turbine oil is the same thing.
Power steering fluid same thing.
Heat it up and mix your bees wax with it.
The same stuff sold at the store is close to $9 for 12 ounces.
Amazing what labeling can to to a price.

It really is amazing how many things mineral oil is used for. One example is how to get a bug out of your ear.

Or in a Lava Lamp -

And that's besides the health uses, and others that would bore you to sleep
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