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Does such a plant send out stolons, send up shoots and grow potatoes and keep repeating until frost kills it
Yes, yes and yes. The potential is there, but so far, potatoes have not really been bred selectively for these traits. Commercial varieties select against these traits. They want potatoes to be at uniform depth, stay put instead of crawling, and all set tubers at the same time (like a determinate tomato). The traits are present in 'wilder' type potatoes, older breeding lines, and in some people's crosses, such as those Tom Wagner has bred. Traits to identify appear to be long season, spreading and tubers forming on stolons and buried stems.

What I have seen is there are some that form potatoes on the stems, stolons and spread quite far from the planting location, but yields from these tend to be low and mostly small potatoes (marble size or smaller).

There could be some out there that just have not been allowed to grow like this, or have not been tested in a potato bin/bag situation that may thrive and produce more.

There's a challenge in there for those who want to take this up, whether as a hobby gardener or breeder. Developing varieties that yield well in small places or vertical situations could develop into a niche.
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