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I'm just using a 6500k 150 watt HQI. Then a 55 led unit, but the LEDS are 3 watts each. In a mix of white to blue in spectrums. So there is red in them and green. No problems so far, except for peppers seem to like the warmth a bit more. I also have been running a small unit comprised of 2x 24" 6500k flourecsents. Lastly a small CFL bulb in the 6500k range. Your spectrums are more organized in color/heat temperature. If you notice, a 10,000k bulb will run hotter. Than the same wattage 20,000k. PAR is more intensity measurements. It's used in the aquarium trade. Usually by how far a light can penetrate water. Red, pink, white, blues and greens all include colors on the color wheel. Pink still has the colors red, green and blue, but in percentages, not really coordinated by a kelvin chart. That is why nm at times can seem confusing. Reds/pinks in a 54 watt t5 bulb are not going to penetrate as deep of water as a blue or violet in the same wattage. A balance of species exact is the best route. Or if intentions of growing faster or slower. A good mix of 6500k has kept the plants growing for me. I think ebay has plenty of good LED units, but you have to know what your buying and growing. I've never tried the eye hortilux stuff. I have family that works there, but with aquariums too. Once something is marketed to a specific market, packaging and related customer service. Prices can jump up, but maybe they should expand markets if needing $30.00 a bulb. Unless it's a uncommon length. In aquariums, more the 6 plus foot range. A big jump would be 8' and longer. 4' $20 tops. If you can't give a specific kelvin and you keep needing help though. I guess customer service would cost more into a price.
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