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Default WNY TOMATO PARTY!!!!!! announcement

Hi All,
Mark(Korney19) and I have decided that the WNY tomato party will be Sat. Sept. 8th starting at 1pm.

It will be held on Grand Island rain or shine. Please post here or email me for directions.

Attendees are asked to bring tomatoes to sample. You don't need a lot, in case your garden is small. I don't want anyone backing out because they don't think their tomatoes aren't good enough! Don't worry if they are hybrids or supposedly common. If it tastes good, it tastes good!

Attendees are also asked to bring a dish to eat. If it contains veggies from the garden all the better. But we do need a few deserts. If you do not want to cook, you can bring an alternate item like pop or water. Please let me know what you plan on bringing, so we don't get 10 of the same thing, lol. I will be supplying meat and my husband to cook it! If you want, you can bring beer or wine.

We will definitely have a vote for the tomatoes of best flavor, maybe even do it by type. We could also do ugliest and largest too. All ideas are welcome.

Children are welcome to come. There is a wooden swingset, a hiking trail, and lots of toys. My sis-in-law will be bringing her 4 boys ages 2-9 so there will be other kids to play with.

Mark is still trying to come up with an acronym for the group, because we plan to make this a yearly event. I thought we should decide at the party which name to use. Here's some examples from Mark:
BUFTAG (BUFfalo Tomato Aficionados Group, or BUFfalo (or Buffalo User Friendly) Tomato Associate Growers)
BUFFTAG (BUFfalo Friends & Tomato Associates (or Aficionados) Group)
NFTA (Niagara Frontier Tomato Authorities) (or Aficionados or Associates)(if we get hassled, see next line...)
NFTAG (above plus Group or Growers)
UNYTAG (Upstate NY...)
WNYTAG (Western NY...)
HOPTAG (Heirloom & Open Pollinated Tomato...)
HOPtoWNY (Heirloom & Open Pollinated tomatogrowers of Western NY)(or Hybrid & OP...)
BUFTFest (BUFfalo Tomato Fest)
Mine was NFTE for Niagara Frontier Tomato Enthusiasts
If you've got a name bring it.

I'm really looking forward to this. It is going to be lots of fun.
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Yes, we have a great party for WNY/Ontario tomato growers every year on Grand Island!
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