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Ok...count me in, and I might be bringing somebody else that's just getting into the whole heirloom/OP thing....even more of a rookie than moi. LOL
I'll need directions, could you email or pm them to me? I'll bring some other nibblies. Anybody into dolma's? - they're stuffed grape leaves and vegetarian. I could bring those and some other stuff like baba ghanouj and hummus. Unfortunately my eggplants plants died before I could get any, so will have to suffice with some made from bought eggplant. Anything else needed?

I'm hoping that I'll have some maters actually ripe by then. I was so late getting mine in this year that their only just getting any size to them. Still barely at the setting flowers stage for any of my peppers and only a handful of beans so far. I'm hoping to have some of the "Waterloo County Mennonite Pole Bean" to share with those interested in trying it. If I'm lucky I may even have an real name for it by then. Long story, but its source is from Amish Mennonites here in Waterloo Region by way of the Doon Heritage Crossroads Museum's Mennonite Farmhouse kitchen garden.
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