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My German Shepherd wishes I would stop playing with dirt and play with her:

I screened the material, filled four identical socks with it (my dress sock supply is dwindling), and steamed two of the socks for 30 minutes, flipping them halfway. Now I am going to brew two teas. Each bucket gets two socks. One bucket gets the two non-sterilized socks, fish tank water, and a tbsp of molasses. The other bucket gets the steamed socks, reverse-osmosis filtered water, and nothing else.

I am thinking that one bucket will make a bacterial/fungal brew and the other will have whatever is in the soil that is water-soluable, most notable humic acids. The bacterial brew should also have the same humic component.

I'm going to start some seeds in three groups: water only, bacterial tea, and humic water. I know that the two tea groups will outperform the water group, but I have no idea how they will compare against each other.
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