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Originally Posted by Harborseal View Post
I've read the whole thread and have learned some things.

First, the pirate's favorite tomato is Aunt Ruby's German Green.

One of the problems with being new to a community is partially learning the abbreviations but sometimes it's not understanding what the phrases mean.

What's Stump of the world?

Here you go, from the Legacy Forum here.

SOTW was named by Ben Quisenberry, and in the link above,go down until you come to LQ Berry who was Ben's grandson, and what a surprise it was to see him here.

Ben was a very religious man and on the seed packs he sent out he wrote sayings from the Bible

The stump part referes to the Root,if you will,of Jesse in the Bible.

I don't understand the connection you made above between ARGG and pirate.

Note the history..

When I was at SSE in IA doing a program, Bill Minkey, a long time friend brought Ruby's niece with him and a copy of my heirloom tomato book. She asked me to autograph that page in the book for her,I did,and she started crying and crying,then both Bill and I did as well.

Hope that helps,

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