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Originally Posted by Keger View Post
I'm amping up the seed starting this year, into the thousands.

I have a hoop house and have started seeds indoors, then I move them. It's starting time here and I am having trouble finding decent pricing for trays and pots and all of that. Nothing exciting on Ebay or CL.

Any suggestions?

Thanks as always.
Well, the technique is out of favor with the advent of plastics, and many here will jump all over me for even suggesting it. However, you certainly can start and pot loads of seeds cheap, cheap, cheap.

Just make home made paper pots. You do it by wrapping a layer of newspaper around a cup or can and "molding" the bottom. It is surprisingly easy once you get the knack of it.

Paper pots

They even have a paper pot maker at Burpee in North America or seedaholic if you are in Europe. Sorry I don't know who might make them down under.

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