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Hi Brent,

Lots of discussion on this topic here:

I think PhilaGardener made a good point, that you're more likely to earn love than money, breeding OP's and selling the seeds.
Personally I haven't really managed to cover my annual costs by selling plants and/or produce, as I hoped to do. But I only have a really small greenhouse to work with, and not means to expand. Luckily some folks have come forward to help with the growouts, so it is more of a community effort and less of a burden on me.
Think about your market, and your production - could you earn some $$$ by selling the produce or starter plants in spring? Sounds like you have quite a variety of projects - would certainly make for an interesting market table in the fall, and then when folks have tried them they may be keen to get your named variety plants for their gardens.
As regards preserving your work, obviously this will only happen if you distribute the seeds as widely as possible. Yes you can make some money selling seeds, but with OP's people will save seeds after the first year, so you may not likely make back all your costs that way, at least for tomatoes. Not as many people will grow biennial brassicas in order to save seed, so you might do better there, or with others. Partnering with seed companies could be a great way to go, to preserve the varieties you created and also make a small return for your efforts.
I've considered selling product, but I've come to realize that the effort, and my lack of capital, is limiting as you've mentioned. I want to focus on my work of breeding and not so much on a business which would take all of my time. I have spoken with the owner of one seed company who seems interested in one of my lines and has said to get back with him once the product is finished. He wants me to bring him the product and documentation to review before entering discussions. This is where I'm leaning for the moment.
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