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Originally Posted by lubadub View Post
My original question was one based on curiosity alone. The results I posted are what I consider to be perfect values for the CEC listed. What I wanted to see was whether or not others might feel differently about my values and offer changes. I thought this might be the beginning of a longer discussion about what target values should be. There are disagreements among experts particularly on boron, sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus target values. I thought we might discuss those things here. What people believe and why. I guess I was wrong. Sorry.

No need for an apology. I think you didn't explain your initial question too well, came across as here are the soil results and what are your recommendations. If you'd said I think these are pretty good but I'd like some input on what others think it might have had a different response. May have been my misunderstanding as well.
If you're following Albrechts formula are you really alluding to Steve Solomon's work. I really am no expert apart from reading his book and trying to work through a few soil test results according to Steve Solomon's recommendations. Just from a casual read though for Boron if your cec is above 10 it should be targeted at 2, so maybe 3 is a bit high. Also shouldn't your P = K so maybe you should up your Phosphorus.
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