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Hi Rodger!!!

It was nice meeting you this past spring in Florence. I've been meaning to thank you again for the pomegranate. You'll be happy to know that it is in a terra cotta pot on my back porch...and thriving! I keep a close eye on it and it is doing quite well!

July 19th is on my calendar! It will be nice seeing you again. You too, Holly...I remember you from Tomatopalooza a couple of years ago! I will email Bobby B in a few days and see if she is planning to come...she lives in Florence too.

My grow list for this year:

Aunt Gertie's Gold (from Rodger!)
Regina's Yellow
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Brandywine (Sudduth)
Kellogg's Breakfast
Neves Azorean Red
Peach/Rouge D'Irak
Tennessee Heirloom
Sara's Galapagos
Matt's Wild Cherry

All are doing well so far. I hope the extreme early heat here doesn't last, or fruitset will really suffer. So far though they appear to be handling it well, and I have multiples of each variety.

See you all (hopefully) in July!

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