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Default Dense Planting Illustrated - WARNING - Pic Heavy! Latest video 3/17 - transplanting

This is a bit rough but works well enough - we may do a retake, but until then...

Second video - this is about what to do when the seedlings start to emerge

Third video (pretty brief) - discussing speed of germination/progress 5 days from planting, and seed starting mix/minimizing disease

March 11 update video - progress report

March 17 update video - plant separation and transplanting (finally!)...will probably do a retake in a week or so with better closeups, but it is a start (as of 12:45 EST, it is uploaded but being processed...won't be visible for a little while, but now should work fine - the privacy setting is correct this time)

Here is a better transplanting video I made today - one handed transplanting!

June 12 garden update

June 30 - series of update videos for different garden areas -

(look for the June 30 blog entry beyond today)

NOTE - I am going to remove any of the pic links that were on topcities (they used to be here, below.....but since the ServerPro topcities site is infected with malware - and there is no way to get to the control will have to make do with the videos above...

I will find the pics again at some point and put them on my weebly server - but won't get to it for a few weeks at least.
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