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Grub -

Very interesting comment - what to do with the obsession? We've been married for 25 years, so my various obsessions are not new to her (she of course is my longest "obsession"!!!) - she's endured, and enjoyed, my ECM Jazz, Mahler symphonies, wine, cooking - those were pretty heavy hobbies with depth - seems like its now narrowed down to the tomato thing. She loves tomatoes as well - if she has an obsession , it is collecting fabric to make her marvelous quilts.

I am pretty good about keeping the mess out of the house, or cleaning it up if I make it. She really does lend quite a hand during transplanting time (she is very good with tiny seedlings!). All in all, we do very well with these things - probably because we leave plenty of time for each other (our incredibly peaceful trips to the outer banks avec kayaks and dogs!).

Funny - that Hummingbird feeder is more of a decoration. We find that our deep blue, perennial Salvia Guaranitica is a much better magnet, and much less labor intensive, than keeping track of the liquid in the feeder!
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