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Originally Posted by lrussillo View Post
I'm in Northern VA. Black Krim and Cherokee do well here--the Brandywines do not. Another gardener from NVA says the same about the Brandywines. Others that did well are Ozark Pink, Arkansas Traveler (if you like it--I don't), and Carbon (though in a rainy year it would be a good idea to put plastic over the ground around it to keep it from getting too much water). Basawaya and Rouge D'Iraq did really well too--though I don't like the taste of either of those.
I don't know which Brandywines do not do well for you but there is a Brandywine that DOES do well in warmer areas.

I don't like most of the pictures posted at Tania's page and that b'c as she notes I was the one who dehybrididized that natural cross that happened in Craig's garden and I know what it should look like.

It is NOT totally Brandywine, being a cross, but then some of the other ones Tania lists are not totally brandywines either.

My brother and family moved in 2005 to NC, which is south of you and he can grow, and successfully, any variety he wants to.

And I know that OTV Brandywine does do better than other Brandywines in southern areas b/c of the several message sites I've participated at in the past and reading/posting there.

So it would help if you could share with us which specific Brandywine you were growing, the three best known are the Red, the Yellow, and the Pink, and they are not related to each other.

Hope that helps,

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