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Originally Posted by MrBig46 View Post
I do not understand why it should be the same as Mikado Brandywine. Mikado is Turner´s hybrid, Brandywine was possibly one of the parents. So I understand.
Vladimir, I think the following link should help clear up some confusion, it's from Tville in 2008.

First, Turner's Hybrid is not an F1 hybrid, it's open pollinated/

And in the link you'll see that there is no ONE Mikado as Craig and others also posted and Craig went on to say that the Mikado situatio is a mess,his word.

He also described when he got Mikado out of the USDA, I don't think he mentioned, maybe he did, that he shared seeds with me, so we both grew it, and what we got.

Hope the above link helps.

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