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Getting late but with our cool weather of late probably OK. My eggplant seedlings are hardened off but pretty much sitting there at the moment with our nights in the 40-50s. Give them warmth and bottom heat if you can and they will catch up!
I started to peat pots with a seed in each one.Have them sitting in a south window.Having sunshine today.I think the whole week looks dry with temps in the 50's and 60's during the day but around high 30's at night for a few days.I'm starting to harden off my tomato and pepper plants to day.It's around 55 out now with sun.I have them in the garage with the door open in the sun inside a clear rubbermaid container.I have a thermometer inside the container showing around 65 degrees.I'll leave them out there a few hours and back in the basement under lights.A few hours each day,extra hour each day and they should be good in a week.Then I can keep them in the garage at night as long as it stays in the 50's or higher.
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