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Oh My! I just now got all the spewed coffee out of my keyboard so I can reply! <grin>

Howdy Good Folks, I'm Paprika. Just joined up here a few days ago (heard Camo's 2009 list was here so I had to check it out!) and I've been lurking and learning the ropes. I wanted to get the feel for this forum before jumping in. Well, this thread definately provided me with the "flavor" of this forum. So far my experience has provided a delightful taste, seasoned with knowledge and helpfulness, a hint of humor, just enough of the smoky/ earthiness of oversight control, and a warm and lingering aroma of friendship and sharing. Delightful!

This is my long winded way of saying; My, but ya'll handled that Atomic Jerk well!

I look forward to more sharing and experiencing of this fine forum.

(aka Prudenspurple as some will know me)
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