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NarianGarden - Well, next season is still months away. However, I am already thinking about what to start, and 'Finnish Yellow' will be on the list. I plant a couple other yellow salad tomatoes for market, Jaune Flamme for the tart flavor and Orange Banana for its late season sweetness. So now I have a new one and the flavor is surprisingly good. Stay in touch and let me know what you would like to try.

Lisa - The Bedouin (Beduin) plants I was picking from in May are still going! That is nearly four months now. I always slice one up for samples at the farmers markets because I know the flavor will attract attention. Anyway, it's good to hear the variety does well where you are.
I am giving some thought to doing some growing through the winter and I'm applying for a USDA grant for a greenhouse. Bedouin would be a good variety to try because the plant is compact and tolerates cold temperatures - maybe Banded Amazon, too. I think we are in for an early winter here and I expect to see the aspen trees turning any day. Snow may not be far behind.
It is always amazing how quickly the summer comes to an end.

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