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Originally Posted by Nattybo! View Post
Ok, I need to join the chorus! Please get the tag!

I think one needs something like a minimum of 30% reduction of mobility to get one? At least that's what I remember. A friend of mine had several of her vertebrae fused by surgeries and was in so much pain and could not get one. The doctor has to sign some paper work to get the ball rolling and in her case she was at 28% and her doctor would not sign off.

Rockporter, it is time to be kind to yourself. Don't let those bullies win. Don't have a heart attack b/c of those jerks. Your family needs you here. ((((Hugs))))
That is so sad for your friend. Yes, the doctors definitely make the decisions. What really bothers me about your friend is that I know of someone in our area who lost 1/2 of his thumb and has a handicapped plaque (AND HE USES IT!) Makes me so mad, I am appalled that a doctor actually gave him one. So, that would be the abuse of the system, and I can't believe the state allowed it too.

My Rheumatologist asked me years ago if I wanted one. I told her "no" then, because I told her until it was overbearing to handle getting into the store I wanted to be independent. I surely need one now though.
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