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Originally Posted by Bipetual View Post
I haven't looked at this thread for a little while, and holy cow! Did they grow fast. Marsha, what size pots do you start them in, and when do you pot them up? I usually start mine in a 3"round container and keep them in it until plant out, simply because I don't have much room under the lights and it's too cold here to put them outside. They aren't usually potbound, but when I see plants like yours I can't help but wonder if I should be doing it differently.
I think the best way to tell you is to start with post # 7. These were extra special seeds, so they got the royal treatment. paper towel moistened, seeds enclosed, all in a plastic baggie to be able to exactly see when they sprouted. After the first little radicle(root tip) started to show, they were sown very gently in a cell of a 72 cell seed starting tray, using Miracle Gro Seed Starting potting mix. They were left until they has a full set of first true leaves, and the beginnings of a second. Then transplanted deeply to 4" pots using Promix BX with a pinch of Tomato Maker organic fertilizer, they were about 2 weeks old when that took place. Left there until about 5&1/2 weeks old, in full sun about 8 hrs/day. When they were 7-8" tall, final potting using Promix BX with dolomite lime, about a cup per 7 gallon potful, and about 1/2 cup of Tomato Tone also mixed throughout. So you see where they are now.

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