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You can use almost anything as a reflector. I just built some 'Ballast Bypass" LED lights for my shed. I bought a 10 ft piece of Vinyl rain gutter from HD for under $4.00. Another $7 if you want to use the fancy ends. The tombstone ends that hold the florescent lights I got at Ace Hardware - $1.99 per pair. The LED bulbs only need one (tombstone) end wired (load and neutral). The other end just holds the LED bulb in place. Bulbs were cheapest online - around $7 each if you buy 10 or more and are suited for "damp conditions...". I needed 30 bulbs for my shed. You can make two 4-ft LED lights for under $20 bucks. Great lights. You can choose the lumens and coloration. Just screw the tombstones to the rain gutter and wire up the one end. Instant on, no flickering no matter the temps, and efficient. It worked so well, I built an eight foot one and mounted it to the eve of the house over the garage door. I wired the LED bulbs to the garage door opener. My wife loves having all that light as she drives in & the lights go out when the one inside the garage shuts off.

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