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Originally Posted by ChristinaJo View Post
My zone is 8a/b

I'm wondering if that is a Sunset (vs USDA) zone. Sunset addresses way more than first/ last freeze date stuff, which is not all that relevant for me.

If that is your Sunset zone, then that is pretty close to mine, and I would go with November.

Here is a description of Sunset 8 ( not aware of "a"and "b".)

ZONE 8. Cold-air Basins of California's Central Valley
Growing season: mid-Feb. through Nov. This is a valley floor with no maritime influence. Summers are hot; winter lows range from 29 degrees to 13 degrees F/-2 degrees to -11 degrees C. Rain comes in the cooler months, covering just the early part of the growing season.

Mine is sometimes

ZONE 9. Thermal Belts of California's Central Valley
Growing season: late Feb. through Dec. Zone 9 is located in the higher elevations around Zone 8, but its summers are just as hot; its winter lows are slightly higher (temperatures range from 28 degrees to 18 degrees F/-2 degrees to -8 degrees C). Rainfall pattern is the same as in Zone 8.

But usually

ZONE 14. Inland Northern and Central California with Some Ocean Influence
Growing season: early Mar. to mid-Nov., with rain coming in the remaining months. Periodic intrusions of marine air temper summer heat and winter cold (lows run from 26 degrees to 16 degrees F/-3 degrees to -9 degrees C). Mediterranean-climate plants are at home here.

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