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Originally Posted by GrowingCoastal View Post
Hi Worth. I hope you don't mind a question as simple as the one I have.

I have a two light unit (for plants) that I would like to add a ground wire to.
It has ceramic sockets and they now hold CFL bulbs. Works fine once I wired it up but I worry that there is no ground. Does it need one?
Many lights and lamps only have a ground connected to any metal that may be present.
I have 4 inch octagon boxes with the old round ceramic light fixtures.
Not really anyway you can get shocked unless the hot wire touches the box.
But I have that ground wire connected to each one.
Even then it would be hard because I would be on a fiberglass ladder.
My body would have to complete the circuit from hot to ground to get shocked.
No question is too simple.
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