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I run it year-round.
The other feature about double layer other than insulating properties is the strength it adds to the structure to withstand wind.
The air pushing in between the layers makes them tight. When the wind blows against the outside, the plastic barely moves. Without this, sometimes it can vibrate/billow a single cover, causing damage.
Since you are warm, I'd 100% do something to vent the peaks on the ends. You don't have to go fancy with motorized shutters, but manually opening something and keeping it open for the warm/hot months is important. A 30x72 would require 48" shutters on both ends.
Even with both sides all the way up, the air coming in from the sides can only mix so much above the height of the open sides. Having the ends venting at the peak keeps the air mixing and venting out the top as heat rises.

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