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Thank you so very much. I have been growing turnips for over 10 years and never saved the seeds because they were not as big as described by my Mother, until passing those Big Rutabaga by a local farmer here in Hampton. Maybe I will go back to that Farmer's Market and learn how long they have been growing their Rutabaga's. I meet their Daughter-Inlaw and we could talk to each other until closing time, as my husband had to lead me out. We were like farming sisters and proud of it, Amen!!!. The 1800s would be around the time introduced to my Great Grandfather relatives in North Carolina, then grown here in Virginia by my Great Grandfather around Fort Monroe. I only have descriptions of Vegetables from my relatives to work with. I will stop growing different varieties of Tunips; trying to find one as large as the Rutabagas my family enjoyed during this strange cold weather last week.
I need the pure seeds of "Swedes Rutabaga Seeds" because this is the type of description of foods given to my Ancestors by Canadians as well in the 1800s, Amen!! Maybe it was cooked in a Fruit Cake by Canadians. I would love to have that Recipe !!!!!!!

Farmer, Joyce Beggs
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen
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