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Originally Posted by mtbigfish View Post
Carolyn and Tom
Does this mean we are going to see a clear skinned claro verde soon?

By the way I laughed a little the way Carolyn slid into the topic
For a tomato she has wanted for some time now - Tom is it about time yet
Dennis, please note that all of the posts in this thread are from 2007 except the last two and you can find the thread Tom referred to, possibly, by searching here where he did do a thread about Verde Claro, in great detail and said no, he wasn't going to make it available to the public for the reasons he gave.

The end result is that Tom has not formally released any of his varieties to the public since the mid-80's as far as I can remember.

Yes, I've grown Verde Claro, but we now have Green Doctors Frosted, a clear epidermis green when ripe that I'm distributing seeds for in my seed offer thanks to Jeff Casey whose link to his webiste I posted with my seed offer, as well as Neil Lockhart who is listing them in the 2010 SSE YEarbook for the seeds they provided me with to be able to offer.

Since I have tasted Green Doctors and like it very very much growing Green Doctors Frosted won't be a surprise for me since I already know what Verde Claro looks like.
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