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It looks like maybe there was a stray seed or an unintended cross in the seeds that Bert got from Marsha as shown in that last picture.It happens, and has happened for me in the past as well.

My experience with Rebel Alliance here in Easter NYS,roughly zone 5 was as follows.I grew it not this past summer ,which was a wipe out,but the summer before.

My seeds were from Russ directly,who asked that I not share any seeds or plants with anyone else, and of course I agreed with that.

It was grown outside in a 10 gal pot that had a mixture of Promix and composted sterile cow manure,and was fertilized according to the way I always did so.

In that pot was one of those 3 tiered supports as well.

A very vigorous plant that cascaded over the top of the support and lots of fruits but I was surprised that they were brown,kind of like oblate mini beefsteaks. But they tasted great IMO.

Russ wanted to breed another multiflora and he told me what kind,and I was about to send him some seeds when it became apparent that my then current to do list was focused almost exclusively on getting the seeds out to the folks who do seed production for my seed offers.

So sometime soon I have to get back to him about his other idea for a multiflora and send him some seeds.

Carolyn, who loves multifloras and would like to see someone breed a GWRipe cherry one, not a dwarf.
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