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You are correct PH, the first two weeks of October is the recommended planting time around here. I have heard of people that planted Thanksgiving while the snow was flying with excellent results. I prefer not to do that!

Part of my learning experience was planting in long singe rows of a given variety which wasn't even straight, 5 varieties across before a walking path, then another 5 rows. I had to harvest some too early and some too late because of access going from left to right. Either I limit the number of varieties (nope) or plant in blocks (squares) . Most of my saved garlic is mixed as a result, so harvest next spring will be mass confusion.

There is a photo of my country garden in the flame weeding thread. Strawberries were fall planted in place of the garlic bed, and I will move into unbroken (but hopefully tilled) ground in the center of the bed next month. I have 10 bags of worm castings for last minute clay amendment (convinced not to use alfalfa) but I'm open to additional amending. I had access to a bit of horse poop last year, and the ground was like silk when I dug the strawberries in.

- Lisa
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