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My kids are working on the tip jar today. We are using a large plastic Costco Pretzel container that they will wrap with construction paper.

I have lots of Cherokee Green Tomatoes. In fact I have enough for the BLT Bar except that Green when ripe is not the best choice for this endeavor. I will bring them anyway as a fall back position :-)

I have some extra Paper and Plastic in case we are in trouble early. I think between the both of us we won't have a problem before others come with their goods.

I am also bringing, 5 permanent makers, Ketchup, red-plastic cups, a few rolls of paper towels (is that already covered?). I always bring my camping Action-Packers and they always have extra stuff in them we can use in a pinch.

Further, I have gotten some friends that I gave plants to give me tomatoes so I will enter them under their names and this will add to our total tomato count! I even have a co-worker who is coming with some ripe Prue for the tasting.

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