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Unfortunately, we might not need any charcoal after all - the forecasts are calling for scattered storms tomorrow. Of course, they've been calling for storms all week and I think it only rained a couple of days ago. MAGTAG will go on, whatever happens! (Luckily, it's supposed to be in the lower 80s, temperature-wise.)

It looks like I will enter Sungold, Hopkins, Greater Baltimore, Hungarian Heart, and one huge Church into the tasting. Maybe more toms will ripen by tomorrow, but I doubt it. The past two weeks seem to have been the main part of my harvest. Figures.

I'm at home today, and just finished cooking 4 lbs of bacon (crispier this year, per Luanne's suggestion) for BLT purists. I'm also cooking 2 lbs of turkey bacon for folks like me who are watching our weight.

When I went shopping last night, the Walmart Supercenter in my neighborhood was out of both Duke's Mayo and Old Bay! I asked my sister Theresa to look for them today. She thinks that Food Lion, being a Southern chain, should have the Duke's, but if not, I bought Hellman's.

But no Old Bay! In Baltimore? Theresa says she'll pick some of that for me, too. Remember, the person who comes from farthest away wins a free can of Old Bay seasoning.

See you all tomorrow, rain or shine.
"It's alarming how charming it is to be a-farming..."
- Pete Townshend
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